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Wood Art 1

Bull Ramón by Doña Marbella

Art wood

Monkey George by Doña Marbella

Introducing Don Eugenio


 We take immense pride in showcasing the remarkable talent of Don Eugenio, a master craftsman whose awe-inspiring wood art breathes life into our space.


He is a visionary artist who possesses an extraordinary gift for transforming raw wood into exquisite works of art. With a deep passion for nature's beauty and an exceptional eye for detail, they skillfully sculpt and carve each piece, infusing it with a profound sense of wonder and artistic expression.

You can find Don Eugenio at his incredible open workshop to the side of the roadway in the area of Playa Hermosa where he lives with his wife Doña Marbella, who also shares the talent for woodcarving into unique figures of great expression.

Wood artisian

Don Eugenio & his wife Doña Marbella 

Wood artisian

Don Eugenio openly shares his wisdom to anyone that will stop to visit amid the huge chunks of raw material that, in his expert hands, are revealed into creations of indisputable originality and beauty.

Don Eugenio will tell you that he is interested in what is normally hidden underground, in the roots of those giants of the forest, because it’s there that the most intricate and seductive shapes that inspire his art are to be found.

This is why he works with chunks (or “galletas” as he calls them) extracted from naturally fallen trees, freeing the roots that tell the story of each tree as it develops; the design negotiated with the earth to earn the right to live and claim its space until the day when it is no more

But as Don Eugenio will tell you, it’s not just a matter of pulling out the material at any time when found. It’s crucial to do it at the right time, when the tide is at its highest. Only then will nature yield the material in it’s most perfect form, ensuring the maximum quality, beauty, and durability. This secret, passed on in part by his father and affirmed buy his own vast experience, are the foundation of his rich and noble art.


Doña Marbella is also an artist of great talent and even greater modesty, who works creating expressive wood sculptures with motives inspired in the creatures that inhabit these lands.


The work of both artists is the vibrant expression of the exuberance of the vital energy that defines Costa Rica. 

living room

Enter the mesmerizing world of Don Alexis a visionary craftsman who breathes life into metal like no other. With sparks flying and hammers pounding, he transforms raw metal into awe-inspiring works of art .


In his hands, steel becomes a canvas for artistic expression. Each piece reflects a tale of dedication, skill, and a deep connection to the raw materials they shape, infusing every work with a piece of their soul.

Don Alexis created all recent metal work at Casa Castillo, including the front Tree of Life gate, balustrades, two chandeliers in the living area, monkey-proof metal window art in the kitchen, toucan art by the pool, and jungle railing outside.

Tree of Life Gate

Railing in the living area and throughout the house 

Toucan Artwork by the pool

Monkey-proof window art in the kitchen

Chandeliers in the living area

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